Learn how they work, how you can program and control them, so they will not control YOU!


Simple, relatively cheap to build but powerful tool to learn/teach robotics.

Open-Cube at a Glance

  • Based on RP2040 the Raspberry PICO ARM microcontroller, programming in Micropython via USB-B.
  • ESP32 for WiFi/Bluetooth serial interface (fully user programmable, eg. in Arduino, via USB-mini)
  • Four sensor ports – with analog inputs and UART link to support EV3 or custom digital sensors
  • One dedicated I2C port – supports NXT Ultrasonic rangefinder, can be used to SYNCHRONIZE/CONTROL multiple Open-Cubes (at up to 100kHz I2C clock)
  • Four motor ports – each with a dedicated motor driver (DRV8833RTY) and incremental encoder inputs
  • Two internal Li-ion 18650 accu 3000+mAh, in-socket, user replaceable, with over current and under-voltage protection. Charger: 12V@2A DC barrel jack
  • OLED display and PIEZO buzzer, HW based on/off button, other buttons for program selection etc…
  • New sensors developed for Open-Cube (custom RGB sensor, LIDAR based distance sensor)
  • Nice documentation, with examples how to use all the features


You can use the Open-Cube as a replacement for NXT or EV3 control units (when using sensors, motors and brics from the original sets, e.g. 9797, 9648-1, 45544 EV3) or you can create your own set: Open-Cube + Open-Cube Sensors + Motors (we are testing EV3 motors made in China available on Aliexpress) + for example LEGO® Education 45400 BricQ Motion Prime + 2000480 Prime + 2000470 BricQ Motion Prime (a LEGO set that seems to contain a lot of useful parts)…

Latest news

Open-Cube is developed by CTU in Prague students (and some teachers too), do not expect very often updates….

December 13, 2023

Open-Cube RADAR


A fun project in the class of robots… (CTU in Prague, FEE, Cybernetics and Robotics)…

December 13, 2023