Newly developed, compatible with Open-Cube. UART communication, similar to EV3 sensors

Currently two sensors were developed and manufactured in a small series of 30 (LIDAR) and 50 (RGB-optical) pieces.

We plan to make at least two more: an ultrasonic sensor – basically an adaptor board for cheap HC-SR04 RCWL-9610 modules and simple touch sensor

LIDAR – laser distance sensor

Based on VL53L1 – Time-of-Flight (ToF) ranging sensor – can measure distance from 40 mm up to 3000 mm or more.

VL53L1CB sensor block diagram by The sensor offers huge amount of features, currently we use just simple single object ranging with two possible field of view settings.

LASER distance sensor circuit diagram

PCB – top side
PCB – bottom side
KiCAD 3D model – helps to properly design the whole sensor
KiCAD 3D model exported into CAD software for more precise package design
Photo of the fully assembled sensor – PCB manufactured and SMD components soldered by, connectors were soldered in-house.
LASER ToF rangefinders in the 3D printed box

Optical reflective sensor, color sensor

A classic sensor for a line-following robot, any object detection or color recognition….

In this version, the external switching transistors used in v.0 have been replaced by available multiple GPIOs connected in parallel, configured as open-collector outputs and controlled “synchronously” via direct writes to the BSRR registers. The bigger STM32G030K8 was used instead of the J6 (SOIC-8) version because it was available in stock at jlcpcb, where the manufacturing was relatively cheap (when compared for example with allpcb).

RGB sensor v.1 circuit diagram, RGB LED is Dialight 521-8559
RGB sensor v.1 PCB – top side
RGB sensor v.1 PCB – bottom side
3D model from KiCAD PCB editor
First assembled pieces in a series of 50 produced by (connectors, RGB LED and photodiode soldered in-house).
RGB sensors in the 3D printed box

Ultrasonic rangefinder

…will appear here soon….
HC-SR04 RCWL-9610 + STM32G030K8 with LDO and LEGO connector

Commercial HC-SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder module available for 1-2 USD from various sources (Aliexpress, Ebay, Laskakit, Hadex…)
3D model of the HC-SR04 + LEGO adaptor combo, front side
3D model of the HC-SR04 + LEGO adaptor combo, back side
Circuit diagram of the adaptor board – the sense is to have the same communication protocol as uses EV3 ultrasonic (compatible with Open-Cube)
Adaptor PCB 3D model from KiCAD 7.0
Ultrasonic sensor enclosure prototype

Touch sensor

PN11SBNA03QE (need to be tested for actuating force…) + 2k2 resistor + LEGO connector

Circuit diagram of the Open-Cube touch sensor (copy of EV3 touch sensor)
PCB for the touch sensor

Version 0 – sensor prototypes based on STM32G030J6 32-bit AMR microcontroller in 8-SOIC package

LASER distance sensor v.0 circuit diagram (based on STM32G030J6 in SOIC-8)
PCB design (test of tracks rounding plug-in for KiCAD…. just for fun…)
Two sensors assembled
DEVkit for firmware development with STM32G030K8 with more IO-pins, so one can easily connect to SWD via STLink3,, power comes through TTL232R-3V3 FTDI cable and HT7533 LDO, otherwise programming the 8-pin microcontroller is pain-in-the-ass…

RGB sensor v.0

RGB sensor circuit design
Open-Cube RGB sensor (two variants with different photodiode field of view – to test what is better…)
Up and running in demo-mode during Robot-competition 2023 at CTU-FEE